Estate Law

You care about your loved ones. Take measures to ensure their well-being after you’re gone.

So many times, we see extremely complex and troublesome situations that could have been eliminated with just a little bit of planning. Without effective estate planning, loved ones can be saddled with unnecessary debt and stress.

A little bit of forethought really does go a long way.

We can provide you with personalized advice and assistance regarding estate planning. A discussion with us can help you determine what estate documents will best benefit you and your family.

No will is simple. Whether your estate is large or small, you need to mitigate the potential for conflict among your surviving family. Death is hard enough to deal with – don’t leave room for doubt.
Sometimes, advanced estate planning is necessary. If you want to ensure the well-being of a family member, but a lump-sum disposition isn’t ideal, a trust might be right for you.
Living wills
Make your wishes known. Right now, if you were to become incapacitated, what would happen? Who makes the decisions? If these questions aren’t immediately clear to your family and loved ones, you need a living will. Do the right thing.
If you care for an incapacitated individual, you know that complex financial decisions must be made on behalf of that person. Legally speaking, this can be tricky. Consult with Taylor and Hinkle to understand the best way to support those you love.

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By working with Taylor and Hinkle, Attorneys at Law, you can expect to be fully aware of realistic expectations and how you can best participate in your case.

We have the experience to get the compensation you deserve.

Make no mistake: insurance companies are not on your side. They are high-powered businesses, businesses that make money from denying claims or paying out the lowest amount possible. They employ high-powered defense lawyers to give them every advantage they can get.

Even the playing field.

The law office of Taylor & Hinkle has years of experience in litigating civil cases in Beckley WV, including:

Automobile Accidents
Personal Injury
Slip & Fall
Collection Matters
Workplace Discrimination
Wrongful Termination
Class Action Lawsuits

Get An Edge Early On

Often, issues such as these can be resolved without a lawsuit, and getting legal counsel early can facilitate this process. You might never need to set foot in a courtroom. If you do, however, don’t worry. Adam Taylor and Amber Hinkle are experienced with all forms of litigation, including protracted in-court battles.

Honesty and Transparency

In all civil litigation matters, we devote our time and effort for the purpose of educating you on every step of your legal process. By working with us, you can expect to be closely involved in all decision-making, be fully aware of realistic expectations, and also be aware of how you can best participate in your case.

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Finally, be aware that almost all civil claims come with a “statute of limitations,” meaning that there is a set amount of time you have to file suit before it’s gone forever. Avoid unnecessary risk. Call today.

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